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Am I being paid enough / Asking for a raise

Following last Friday’s blog post I realised that one of the points I made mentions not being well-paid. I do however know that it’s not always easy to know if you’re well paid or not. Of course the simplest way to find out is to check the job boards. Have a look for your role, in your area, and see what it’s paying. That’ll instantly tell you what the going rate is for your services.

But what about if you find that you’re being underpaid by a lot?

Well of course you can start a job search; but before doing so maybe you should look at speaking to your current boss first for a raise.

Of course asking for more money is daunting but you can make it much less so by making a solid plan of action.

  1. Book a meeting with your boss first: Forcing your boss into an unplanned meeting will only throw your boss off his/her guard. Which could work in your favour; but will most likely result in a pissed off manager. Not good if you’re asking them for something.
  2. Make a list of your accomplishments: Pretty self-explanatory. You wouldn’t go to a job interview unprepared so don’t do it here! Make a full list of your accomplishments and be prepared to display them to your boss. Make two copies because your boss may like to keep a copy to look over if they decide to take some time before giving an outcome to your meeting.
  3. Have a figure in mind: You need to know before the meeting what you’d like to happen as a result of it. Whether you want an extra 2k or 10k, you need to prepare yourself. Your boss will likely ask you for this figure. The stock answer “Well, what do you think I’m worth?” is not a great answer to be honest. It shows a lack of preparation and confidence. Not good when you’re asking for more money.

That’s it for today‚Äôs blog, hope you found it useful. Once again if you are looking for some help getting a new career then I’m always here to help. I can also assist in getting you prepared for salary meetings where we can cover the points I made in this blog in more detail. My contact links are below.


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